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Saturday, August 30, 2014
what a fucked up anon

right? And these people think shit like that’s going to change anyone’s mind about how hateful and shitty feminists are…

Anonymous said: I sincerely hope u get raped and have your asshole torn to shreds so reconsider your opinion on that law. I swear to god.


I’ll keep that in mind.

"I hope you get raped but take my opinion seriously"

fucked up little piece of shit. 

Anonymous said: I honestly hope you get raped lol like... by a man with a huge dick

My mother was cornered in the subway at 3 am on a tuesday in lower Manhattan. 

My uncle was touched by a family friend when he was a child. 

I sincerely hope nothing like that ever happens to you, anon.

But a word or warning; if you continue to wish these sorts of things on people, eventually you will find that the pain you wish on others have a way of finding their way back to you.




I’m a vegan and srs if you make your pets vegan you’re a fuckhead

Reblogging because i need to have this futurama gif set on speed dial.

Don’t fuck with your animals diets please, hippies.

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Anonymous said: i saw a post say that it will protect women but not men, and if men start wearing nail polish they might get beaten up for it.




It’s becoming more and more accepted for men to wear nail polish. Maybe they can come out with clear polish that goes black when the drug is detected if the color is a problem. I still say it’s a good idea. It’s subtle, it’s interesting, and it’s clever.

If transparent nail polish worked, it’d be a good idea anyway, because rapists don’t need warning they are dealing with someone who might be defended, they need to be afraid of detection from all possible targets.

However, I suspect the problem is that it might not be technically possible to do what they want. I haven’t seen evidence of a proof of principle.

I agree. As for the nail polish, it’s apparently only a claim at this time. They claim to have created polish that reacts to rophenol. However, I still think the idea needs more support and that people really need to begin to look into how it could be a real thing later on instead of just yelling at the people that made it and calling them “victim blamers.” It’s a fantastic idea in my opinion, and more ideas like it could come to fruition.

shit, who cares if you’re a guy? You really only would need to wear it on like, one fingernail anyway. And if it’s clear? It’s a really good idea. 

Anonymous said: I go to university in California and have heard about the consent bill. I wonder why they even bother, is there that much sex happening in UC/CSU campuses? I know lots of men on my campus and I think only one off the top of my head has ever touched a girl... sex just doesn't happen at college anymore and anyone who thinks otherwise is stuck in the past.

I think it excellently illustrates, on a small scale, the way Feminism operates these days; they’ve taken rape, painted it as something that happens to women by men and only men. California has always been the first state to jump all over whatever Liberal agenda happens to be popular at the time, and feminism is no exception: remember, that’s the state that also allows you to simply name the man you want to pay child support, and if he can’t prove he’s not the father too bad - he’s stuck paying. 

And I think it would be a fair argument that less and less men are willing to even approach college women these days because of rape hysteria. I mean, when it only takes a “51% probability” that he committed the rape to charge him with it, who can blame them? Dudes are wholesale stepping the fuck out on these psycho bitches. And the best part? Feminists are now damning men for not wanting to sleep with them. Turns out flicking the bean and chanting ‘kill all men’ just isn’t doin’ it for them these days. 

To put it simply, this is just another bid for control, and another law to further reinforce the vilification of male heterosexuality; this seems to be the primary agenda behind everything modern feminism does. 

I mean, think of it this way; while California is busy setting up to wholesale bury any guy who even looks at a woman wrong, other women are protesting loudly against a “date rape drug” detecting nail polish that has been invented. 

Because we can’t have women suddenly taking their safety into their own hands. We can’t have women refusing to be victimized. Because then, they wouldn’t need feminism, would they? And that’s bad for business. (And business is booming - politically powerful feminists rake in the dough but then wail about how women are oppressed and poverty-stricken) 

The ugly truth feminists don’t want you to understand is that feminism needs rape and rape hysteria perpetuated by lies in order to survive and remain relevant. 

Feminism needs women to keep being raped. 

Anonymous said: You're a genius. I've spent the last six hours reading your stuff. That last post with if I have to explain that you can be racist to white people just set me off. You nailed it in a way I don't think I've ever heard so clearly. I actually said Holy shit outloud. My boyfriend asked me why and I showed him. My boyfriend said he's right. He's black. I'm Latina.


As the duly elected King of the Black People I stand here today humbled by the task before us, grateful for the trust you have bestowed, mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors.


I’m out of room on my dice display. But I want to make moooore. :( lol #handmade #polymerclay #miniatures #dragons #wings #dragon #D20 #feathers #umicon #glowinthedark



I’m out of room on my dice display. But I want to make moooore. :( lol #handmade #polymerclay #miniatures #dragons #wings #dragon #D20 #feathers #umicon #glowinthedark


funny someone else i tagged said hyena too. Its a good pick

they’re sooooo beautiful

have you ever read anything about the Hyena Men in Nigeria? 



The rage I get when young women (or old women) say, “I don’t believe in feminism…” or, “I’m not a feminist - I just believe in equality”



No, it’s really not…..